Raghav Sai




A credit card spend analyzer CLI written in Python.

  • Set up CI pipeline on CircleCI to run linters and tests
  • Linting using black, isort, pylint, and mypy
  • Unit testing via pytest
  • Uses Poetry for environment management



Demo Backend Source Frontend Source

A super basic twitter clone. Built using React, Apollo Server and Client, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL.

  • Written in TypeScript, both on the frontend and the backend
  • I've used TypeORM and TypeGraphQL to define the database and GraphQL entities
  • Used Formik and Yup to simplify form handling and validation
  • The backend is hosted on Heroku and and the database is a Heroku PostgreSQL service
  • Frontend hosted on Netlify

Just News

Demo Source

A web app that shows just the news.

  • Built using React and TypeScript
  • Hosted on Netlify

Note: Unfortunately since newsapi.org has restricted their API to only work on localhost for free tier users, the site isn't functional anymore. However, I've decided to leave it up as it was only meant to be a frontend showcase. You can build from source and add your own API key from newsapi.org to get the full experience.


All of my prototypes live on my itch.io page. Feel free to play them!

Unity is the framework of my choice.

Most of my game development experience comes from developing for my Game Design class at NYU.


Chip8 Emulator


Built an emulator in C# for the Chip8 Virtual console. It involves emulating 35 opcodes, the graphics, and audio.

Currently, I’ve implemented all the opcodes and a basic console display, with audio and actual graphics still being worked on.